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Crisis in Higher Ed [USA], Part 1. Michael E. Harkin

This re-post looks at national politics and higher education in the US, although as we examine other countries’ situations (see other posts at cultura de papel) we can start seeing common patterns regarding the restructuring of universities and post-secondary education in general.  Harkin enumerates some of the major challenges that need to be addressed to prevent a significant deterioration (crisis) of higher education in the US.

Crisis in Higher Ed, Part 1.


College at Risk /En riesgo los colegios de educación superior – The Chronicle Review

College at Risk – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Antropólogos(as) analizan el ataque de la legislatura de Florida a USF / Anthropologists analyze Florida senate attacks against USF

Senate plans would cripple USF – Tampa Bay Times.


By S. Elizabeth Bird, special to the Times

Published Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Florida Senate has unleashed a two-pronged attack that, if allowed to stand, will damage higher education and cripple the University of South Florida.

The first salvo was the latest twist on the plan to transform USF Polytechnic in Lakeland into the state’s 12th independent university, initiated by Senate Budget Chairman JD Alexander last year. The Board of Governors, while acknowledging the absence of evidence that such a new university is needed, voted to set Polytechnic on a steady road to separation that would safeguard its students’ interests.  Seguir leyendo

Ataque personal o reflejo de un patrón político-económico más amplio / Personal attack or evidence of a more generalized political-economic trend

Lo cual parece un ataque personal de un senador de la Florida al sistema de la Universidad del Sur de la Florida, podría también ser interpretado como otro ejemplo del patrón neoliberal de intervención política indebida en asuntos de orden académico.

What looks like a personal attack from a Florida senator against the USF system could be also interpreted as yet another example of the neoliberal trend of unjustified political intervention over academic affairs.

USF in crosshairs of vendetta – Tampa Bay Times.

February 13, 2012

USF in crosshairs of vendetta

By Times Wire

There are no limits to state Sen. JD Alexander’s vendetta against the University of South Florida. It’s not enough that the Senate Budget Committee chairman wants the Legislature to arbitrarily grant USF’s Lakeland campus its immediate independence. Now his proposed state budget would starve to death the university, an unmistakable threat to anyone who dares to oppose his theft of the branch campus.  Seguir leyendo